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Cherrydale Primary School Leadership

Ryan Douglas Photo
Ryan Douglas, Cherrydale Principal
Mike Miller Photo
Mike Miller, Cherrydale Assistant Principal

A Message from Principal Douglas

Dear Families,

The Steilacoom School District's vision to ensure "The Best Education for Every Student" is closely aligned with my own and is evident throughout my experiences.  Throughout my career I have sought to lead with a vision and sense of purpose that is shared and embraced by all.  The core of this vision is that all children are capable of success - without exception.  I have learned that through a collaborative commitment to all children, we can inspire achievement, motivate improvement and engage families in meaningful partnerships.  I am truly honored to be the principal at Cherrydale Primary and to help carry this vision forward.

Families, thank you for your support and active engagement in helping ensure Steilacoom continues to provide "The Best Education for Every Student".  It is my honor to serve you, our teachers, and the students of Cherrydale.

With gratitude,

Ryan Douglas